Power and Corruption

December 15, 2019


The following is a transcript of a speech given at 2019 initiation.




This waterfall, in these mountains, on this icy night, is a sacred space.


People have always come to sacred spaces not to learn something new, but to be reminded of what they already know. Cathedrals, ancient tombs, the ruins of civilizations past – they are all reminders of things that we should never forget.


We are here in this space to remember what we are, in contrast with a culture that wants us to forget, that would tell us to be something else.


The culture tells us that “power corrupts!” But the male body was to be powerful! “Corruption” means that something has been changed from its original purpose, or no longer functions as designed. What corrupts men today is not power, but weakness.


It is so obvious! It is undeniable. So why do they get it backwards?


They say “power corrupts” because they themselves have become corrupted by weakness.


Weakness stews in a constant state of fear and uncertainty. It looks around the world and feels surrounded by threats, uncertainty, and danger. To the weak, power is always a threat. It is a tool for domination. When those corrupted by weakness stumble upon power, they use it to dominate others because that is what they think power is for. Domination is how the fearful believe power is kept. That is all they can see. If power is just for domination, then better I have it then him.


This is how the weak see power, because they have been corrupted by weakness.


But the strong, disciplined, and well-ordered think of power very differently.


The strong-man who deadlifts a thousand pounds; the sailor who circumnavigates the globe; the competitor who wins the tournament; the man who sets foot on foreign shores or planets – these are all glorious expressions of power, but their aim is not to dominate. The strong are not averse to domination—and being strong, they are good at it! But that is not their purpose. They have a different mindset. Their aim is to their power – not just to those around them, but to their ancestors and their descendants. And what do they say?


Worthiness. Inspiration. Beauty. Quality. Life. Kleos—the immortal story: that is Glory.


None of this is possible without power.


Humans are pack-animals, like killer whales or wolves. Disconnection is its own kind of corruption and weakness, and there is always something wrong with the “lone wolf;” the secret king is just a lunatic dancing to the music in his own head. It is the group that provides the standard by which greatness has any meaning, and an increase in power is possible. And a strong group provides the accountability and pressure necessary to grow towards the higher ideals.


That is why we are here, tonight.


The Cascade Legion is a mannerbünd, like those of our ancestors, dedicated to the warrior-virtues that have built powerful men across time: discipline, strength, and order. We are a fraternal order, a pack set apart to embody these qualities for glory as men in an effeminate culture. With these virtues—discipline, strength, and order—no skill is beyond reach. Physical strength is just the foundation. The discipline that leads to strength may lead to all varieties of power, and all varieties of unforgettable glory. No man can pretend to be strong when he is weak. And no man can deny the strength of a man who is glorious to look upon.


Where will we go from there? Who knows!


Perhaps one of us will come back from the dead to become a doctor…


But within this fraternity, the shame of one of us reflects upon all of us… and the glory of one reflects upon the glory of all. By joining this brotherhood, you receive the strength and the glory of the pack. Strive to give back more power than you have received, and together, all of us will rise to peaks that our children will remember for generations.


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