Pack Mentality and the Sheepdog Fallacy

November 29, 2019


When I was in Basic training for the Army, we were presented with a moral justification for the existence of the Army and its use in war. This is the "sheepdog" justification I often see used by police, military, and conservatives. The sheepdog mentality, essentially, is that the populace is the "herd of sheep," the bad guys are the "wolves," and the police and military are the "sheepdogs" who protect the herd and are justified in using violence for that purpose.


Even then, before I had matured enough to really begin questioning most mainstream politics and philosophy, I found this analogy wanting. This mentality sees the general populace as an ever-compliant herd, ordered by the shepherd, and his orders enforced by the "sheepdog" with the promise of protection. This puts the sheep and sheepdog in the position of slaves, obedient to their shepherd master.


A fine example of Nietzche's sklavenmoral. Slave morality.


Human beings are neither sheep nor sheepdogs. We have a lot more in common with the vilified wolf.


Wolves were our earliest companions, who we molded into our dogs over thousands of generations. Wolves were our symbols of unity, strength and predatory cunning for centuries or even millennia, across cultural and ethnic divides. The reason for this is our similarities in base mentality and social structure.


When we strip back the veneer of modern civilization, humans are small pack predators. Individually we are dangerous, but in a pack we are a force with great coordination and skill, capable of defeating most anything. Across nearly every warlike culture where wolves exist on Earth, the wolf was a symbol of warriors.


The "shepherds" of the current era of Western culture have stripped us of this symbolism because it is dangerous to them. The wolf pack is an independent thing that thinks for itself, and will fight and die for its territory without mercy or quarter. So the masters of our civilization have stripped the warrior class down, made them "civil servants" and "citizen soldiers". Expendable assets and slaves to the ruling priest or merchant caste.


From Sparta, to the Roman Empire, to the Germanic and Celtic tribes, one could not rule if he were not a warrior or military man. Only men who could brave the horrors of war could make the hard decisions of ruling a tribe, city, kingdom or empire. Now we have been fooled to entrusting this sacred duty to merchants, lawyers, and bureaucrats.


For society to be both safe and righteous, men must return to the warrior-predator mentality of the pack.


We must remember deep down that we are not sheepdogs, but wolves.


Respect the territory of another wolves pack, and treat the treading upon of your territory as a declaration of war. Value strength and skill as not just a virtue and asset, but a necessity to the survival of your family and the pack. And most of all, stop thinking of yourself as a sheepdog. There is nothing admirable about being a dog, except to his master.


We are not men disguised as dogs. We are wolves disguised as men.



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