Strength Through Discipline

September 22, 2019

Anyone who has seriously trained their body knows that you won't accomplish anything without a system.


You can go to the gym and just kind of "hang out." Do a few benches. Try the squat rack. You'll see some improvement.

But nothing big or sustainable.


I've been the guy trying to put on weight without carb-counting. It doesn't work.


Any serious accomplishment requires discipline. It requires systematization. It requires a plan.


The Cascade Legion arose as a response to rising political disorder. We aimed to increase order by combating the forces of disorder in our region -- Antifa and their kind. But this aspiration for order is not just some political ideology. The importance of order is far more visible in our personal lives than it is in the political sphere. The political relevance of order is an addendum to its personal importance. Order is important because it aids in self-discipline. It is, in fact, a tool of self-discipline. Those who order their lives will have an easier time doing more and getting further than those whose lives are unplanned and disorderly.


You don't have to like it. As an intuitive person, I certainly don't. But that's just how it is.


As an organization dedicated to the martial virtues -- strength, order, and discipline -- we seek to improve ourselves in these dimensions as best we can, utilizing each other as accountability in doing what we know we should be doing, even if we don't feel like it in the moment.


The best way to gain strength is through discipline. Regular, systematic training is the only way to get stronger. This could be strength of the body, strength of the intellect, or strength of the spirit: it doesn't matter. No one gains without putting in the repetition. Discipline gives rise to strength.


As discipline gives rise to strength, so order gives rise to discipline. If you think you can simply will your way into the necessary habits and routines to achieve your aims, then you either live off the grid or you're deluding yourself. We live in an age of distraction, where smart-phones, advertisements, emails, alarms, kids, pets, neighbor's leaf-blowers, and all kinds of emotional and chemical temptations pull us in every direction. No one can juggle everything in their head.


But this doesn't mean you cannot accomplish your goals. You can order your environment, your time, and your life in such a way that the ephemeral distractions of this modern world don't drive you like an addict down some dead-end road of empty pleasure, leaving you with nothing.


The planner is a tool for this purpose.


The planner is most basic, most important, and most universally-utilized tool of successful people. It is the bank record of your life. Either you choose what goes in and out, or other people will.


The Cascade Legion now has a day-log available (click here), complete with a work-out plan designed by a USAW Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach and a reading list.


Like the work-out plan and the reading list, this day-log is not meant to be the end of the road. As you refine your personal mission and goals, and become better at writing to-do lists, breaking down your objectives, and scheduling, you will doubtless come up with a more personalized system for yourself. You will probably find books that are more relevant to your aims, and exercises more precisely designed for your work and aspirations. You will be writing in your own day-log, following your own exercise plan, reading your own books. Pursuing your own goals, with strength, order, and discipline.


But I'll bet you aren't doing any of that right now.


Just as strength is superior to weakness, order is superior to chaos, because order is a source of strength. You will never truly approach what you are capable of -- in your body, in your work, in your life -- without utilizing some system and ordering your time.



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