The Grey Man

September 8, 2019


Those of us on the social and political fringes of today's Overton window know the risks all too well. Being in the open without care for the consequences is both foolish and shortsighted. This leads many to give up on their goals, choosing to simply keep their true opinions to themselves blend in, or to shift their views to better fit in with society at large.


But both of these solutions undermine the struggle to achieve our aims. They are also unnecessary.


If we are ever to gain social and cultural influence, personal and information security is absolutely a necessity. Exposing yourself to the rabid masses of the power-hungry political left -- who are constantly head-hunting for someone to "dox", to ruin their employment and family life, out of some misguided sense of "being true to your beliefs" -- is a masturbatory act of self-flagellation. The smart man of the modern right follows a similar path to that walked by operatives of intelligence agencies and special operations forces.


The goal is to be the "Grey Man." The "Quiet Professional".


The Grey Man is physically fit, mentally strong, and appears to be morally unquestionable, with an unbreakable will. But he is careful, cunning, even Machiavellian. Nothing is done without careful consideration of the pro's and con's. Every decision is made with a mission in mind, and a careful deliberation of the resources at hand and antagonist assets. Every move must be made with the careful thought of a chess master, for the consequences of misstep can be disastrous.


One might question the very serious tone of the previous statements, and wonder why I speak of this as if the Grey Man is at war. That is because the Grey Man is perpetually at war.


Today we are essentially fighting a cold, cultural war over the future of Western civilization, with many sides always waiting for the dissidents to make a wrong move so that they may be attacked: openly labelled as insurgents, terrorists, and/or criminals to be driven totally underground, arrested, or even killed.


To fight this "culture war," the Grey Man must understand a few principles.


The first being "What is a force mulitiplier?" A street thug who is good for nothing but riling the opposition to violence is useful, sure, but a strong and cunning strategist with the charisma to rally men to his cause is worth a hundred street fighters. He is a force multiplier.


The Grey Man carefully evaluates the skills and talents as well as the weaknesses and drawbacks of his associates and allies. He tailors his strategies and plans to accentuate the strengths using those force multiplier, while doing his best to minimize weaknesses.


The second principle is in the name itself. The Grey Man -- the man who the enemy is not aware of, and so can move and act with greater freedom.


He should not stand out in normal society. He should blend in to the crowd, even while maintaining his morals and composure. He knows when to back off, and let truths we wants to expose simply expose themselves. He draws no more attention to himself than absolutely necessary. He is not a walking ad for "tactical" stuff.


The Grey Man is cautious with who he calls friend or even associates with. In the age of information warfare, he is always wary of newcomers to a group and their true intentions, as both low level opposition and high level opposition forces use infiltration and controlled opposition as a weapon. "It's better safe than sorry" is his rule when trusting others.


But thirdly, and somewhat paradoxically, in today's age, the Grey Man must also set an example.


Human beings naturally follow to the strong and charismatic. In this cultural conflict, the Grey Man uses this to his advantage to network with the like minded and take charge of more serious situations when needed. He is physically impressive, both strong and fit. He is educated and intelligent, well read on the subjects he specializes in and up to speed on many other subjects, not suffering from "tunnel vision" that sometimes comes from overspecialization.


To outsiders, he appears morally unquestionable. He is disciplined enough to have cast off his vices and keeps his small vices to himself. To show vice (weakness) is to show vulnerability. For morale, it is often worse to show weakness to one's peers than it is to show it to an enemy.


This is the cold reality of the environment we live in. Get rid of unnecessary risks, build an elite inner circle of associates who are strong and cunning, yet still moral. Build oneself into a mysterious but strong figure that people are attracted to, even if they do not realize it. Become a force multiplier and you do yourself and your organization a great credit.


Be a fool, or show weakness, and you can undermine months or years of planning and building in a single move. You could even wind up with criminal charges, in jail, or dead.


Treat every action with this level of thought and seriousness and you too may begin to feel the power and the freedom that belongs to the Grey Man.

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