Sun and Steel

March 17, 2019


"If my self was my dwelling, then my body resembled an orchard that surrounded it. I could either cultivate that orchard to its capacity or leave it for the weeds to run riot in. I was free to choose, but the freedom was not as obvious as it might seem. Many people, indeed, go so far as to refer to the orchards of their dwellings as “destiny.”


One day, it occurred to me to set about cultivating my orchard for all I was worth. For my purpose, I used sun and steel. Unceasing sunlight and implements fashioned of steel became the chief elements in my husbandry. Little by little, the orchard began to bear fruit"


-- Yukio Mishima, Sun and Steel


The Cascade Legion is a warre-band, but not for the purpose of waging physical war. Such a possibility is not something which any citizen has a right to neglect in preparation for, but it is not our aim. Our true purpose is spiritual war. The virtues of order, discipline, and strength are our goals, and indeed, they are political in nature. However, political values are not primarily a means to an end. Such is their use in the hands of politicians seeking power, but for most people, and for history, they are effects of a vision.


The political values of today are the products of a vision -- one without wars, hunger, or poverty; without desperation; without need. Ideally, without inequality. All liberal values are consequences of this utopian vision. As an end in itself, it even seems admirable.


But the Greeks knew that what is best in life is not one's circumstances, but the qualities in people. While the liberal utopia sounds noble, it erodes all need to foster the virtues we love most in ourselves and others, while incentivizing the worst vices. These, it excuses by pointing at the imperfection of context -- the external world.


The liberal vision neglects what is good in human nature. It looks down from half-way up, as a clumsy mortal who believes he is a God. It seeks power for the realization of its vision. But the 20th and 21st century have given us a taste, a preview of this world. The problem is not a lack of power to achieve this vision. The problem is that their vision is hell: overpowering systems beyond all human control, which dominate spaces full of ugly, incompetent people. It is a vision of those willing to be slaves so that others may be enslaved too.


Our vision looks the other way, from the bottom upwards. What is admirable in a person? The qualities we desire can be achieved as individuals without the state, and the person who embodies these qualities is better than the person who does not. All else aside, the strong are better than the weak. All else aside, the competent are better than the incompetent. All else aside, the disciplined are better than the undisciplined. All else aside, the beautiful are better than the ugly.


The point is not to focus on the superiority of one person over another -- that is how losers think. The point is to focus on the superiority of one possible way of life over another, for one person.


Mishima knew this. In youth, he was a man of words and of the night. He saw an association between the sun and violence, death, suffering. But among his night-brethren, he saw a propensity for ugliness, for sallow skin and sagging bellies, for weakness. Their words were corrosive, and could only imitate the original beauty of the body. Their acceptance and even love of this corrosive ugliness appeared to him as a shameless indecency, "one type of narcissism I could never forgive." This ugliness is not the desire liberal utopia, but a necessary effect of the achievement of its vision.


The vision we pursue is one of strength, power, and beauty. It is a vision of sun and steel -- not of utopian uplifting of ugliness, because this cannot protect you from your own self-hatred. The self-hatred masquerades as hate of others: Antifa, journalists, professors, cat-ladies and losers invoke "fascism" and attack those they label in this way. But if these people of darkness and words ate a steak and swam in the ocean, worshiped beauty rather than hating it, their self-righteous fanaticism would diminish. Their joy would grow with their strength, discipline, and beauty.


We are a warre-band because it is better to be a part of one than not. Like the sun's light, the warrior culture radiates discipline, strength, courage, and all qualities loved in men. It makes its mark on those it touches, and leaves them healthier and better than before.


The author of Bronze-Age Mindset has much to say about the sun:


"You begin with ten minutes in mid-day sun, and work up from there. Usually thirty minutes a day is enough, when you can get there. There's much propaganda about tanning, but once you live in tropical areas you can see that even brown people begin to look sickly and have a kind of sallow color if they avoid the sun. You're meant to worship the sun."


(Without the poison that is sunscreen).


Lifting weights and drinking sunshine is the path of beauty and discipline. It is the upward-looking way, not the dour and downward-looking road of darkness, words, and ugliness.


Sun and steel is the way of the Cascade Legion. It is the vision we pursue, as a spiritual war against the night.



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