February 4, 2019


"The whole world doesn't matter to me. The gym matters the most. And if anything got in the way of that gym, it's just gone."


All organizations -- families, clubs, businesses, churches, or nations -- are the product of their input. Garbage in, garbage out. If the members of some group hold the group as their first priority and dedicate their minds and bodies to it with all their heart, that group will become a force of nature.


If, on the other hand, the members make the group their fourth or fifth priority, only giving to the group after they have satiated their own hobbies, after the beer-fridge is full (and then, only if it isn't too inconvenient), that group will be a black hole of failure.


You don't hear much about the failures.


But they're all around us.


Most groups fail. If they don't die outright, they stagnate, living out miserable lives of mediocrity, as shadows of their own eclipsed ideals.


"I'm sorry I couldn't make it, I had a conflict."


"Hey, I'll be there next time."


"Oh, we've just been so busy these last few months..."


These are the sounds of failure.


We all utter these sentences sometimes. Life happens, and we're only human. But if these sentences become a pattern -- if the excuses, the absentia, the lack of fire and dedication, become predictable in the members of your group -- you can't just blame "life." You can't blame being human, because many humans make it work.


"I used to drive from Indianapolis to here, which is three hours -- two-and-a-half to three hours -- to train. And did that for four years."


...three to four days a week.


That is the sound of success.


Louie Simmons' gym is a success because its members are dedicated. They are the best because of a collective spirit of dedication, which is as contagious as the spirit of failure. When others hang back, we hang back, because we don't want to be the "sucker." If others are charging ahead, competing for the privilege of being the tip of the spear, we charge forward, not wanting to look slow, weak, or disloyal, or hesitant.


Simmons curates his gym members, creating the culture that makes success viable. Those who show promise and dedication can stay. Those who lack either of these qualities are rejected.



Many churches in America are dying or becoming corrupted because of a lack of dedication. Everyone looks for a church that is "convenient." They go every other Sunday... except when there's an important game on. Or if they feel like sleeping in. They don't tithe, or if they do, they give $10, instead of 10%.


And then they wonder why their faith, their nation, and their community is coming apart.


"Where's the Shaolin temple? People go to the Shaolin temple, the Shaolin temple don't go to them."


If you want to be a part of a mediocre group where you can just relax and hang out with your bros, that's cool.


If you want to be a member of a group that will make you better, that will accomplish things, that will succeed in achieving its goals, and that you could be proud of being a part of, it will take dedication. Maybe a lot. It will take time, money, gasoline, and emotional energy, all poured out into the group.


Only then will the resulting blaze shine like a beacon for the rest of the world, rather than just smoldering like a little camp-fire, pleasant for the few around it, before vanishing into smoke and lost into the currents of history forever.


Which kind of group do you want to be a part of?


The Cascade Legion is not about mediocrity. It is not about hesitation, or making sure you aren't "the sucker." It is about strength, discipline, and dedication, personally and organizationally. It has always been this way: "...A legion, dedicated to strength and order. We believe this comes from within, and can then be projected outward into the political society we live in..."


When asked about Louie Simmons, his gym's manager Tom Barry said "the man lives in his own world, and he just rejects everything outside of it."


If you are not geographically close to us, than you are outside of our world.


If you prefer to keep at the safe distance afforded by the internet, memeing and talking, rather than taking action, than you are outside of our world.


If you are not dedicated in time, money, and heart to our group then you are outside of our world, and you will be rejected.


It's nothing personal. We just believe in our mission and take it seriously.


If strength, order, and discipline are things you can dedicate yourself to with religious intensity, we have a place for you.


If not, don't let the door hit you on the way out.



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