Taking the Martial Pill

November 29, 2018

When a man begins to shift his views past the "normal" socially acceptable liberal or conservative views, this is often referred to as "taking the red pill". The same man who embraces a lifestyle of pursuing physical greatness is said to be taking the "iron pill". In reality though, this man is still not fully developed as a disciplined person. There are many very physically strong and fit men who do not fit the definition of a healthy and confident person. Plenty of "gym bro" types are extremely unstable and pursue their physical fitness out of vanity rather than genuine self-improvement.


A man is supposed to be a warrior. By nature, he is the protector of his family, and his tribe. Strip men down to our most basic animal instincts and we are essentially pack predators. The men hunt and fight to protect the "pack". European and American civilization as a whole has mostly moved away from this natural structure, and it has been extremely damaging to the self worth and mental health of the average man.


Today's average Western man is much physically weaker, with less testosterone, than in any other time in recent history. Even those working more physical jobs rely more than ever on technology, power tools, etc. to make progess at their work faster. A skilled trade now takes several years to learn rather than decades. Men spend more and more of their idle "off work" time eating, watching television, playing video games, and drinking rather than physical tasks and games. This has had great consequences in the discipline of men.


Though they were in some ways backwards, overly arrogant, and unadaptable, the Spartans of old had one thing right. A strong and disciplined man is a happy man. Spartan society had practically no crime, promiscuity and infidelity were not at all common, and social problems between men were solved quickly. The reason for this is of course, the martial lifestyle. Pursuit of goods and capital does not make a man stable and happy. Spending more and more time on recreational activities does not make a man happy. A disciplined, martial lifestyle, among strong peers does.


The men of Sparta considered themselves above manual labor, however, they worked very diligently at being disciplined soldiers. All Spartan men completed the trials of the agoge. They all stood shoulder to shoulder together in warfare. As men they strived to make themselves, and their peers, better. In the end, it boils down to that men cannot relate well with each other without mutual respect.


Strong, disciplined men respect each other much more easily than weak men. Weak men know they are not physically imposing or respected for their masculinity so they seek social status by belittling and backstabbing each other. Distrust, passive-aggressiveness, and gossip are the weapons of climbing the social ladder for the stereotypical "beta" male and the undisciplined or unconfident. The martial man, the dedicated warrior and worker, gains his peers respect through his physical prowess and confidence. Rarely will the martial man complain about petty slights or a perceived disrespect against him. Disagreements between martial men may end in a physical fight, but afterwords both men usually come to a mutual understanding or at least maintain a level of respect.


A modern man who forgoes the constant pursuit of more material "toys", strives to pursue physical greatness, as well as a martial level of self-discipline, will always garner more respect from strangers and colleagues alike, even if they are envious. Money, sex, and decadence will never buy a man happiness. Work, discipline, and ideals do.


Hit the weights. Ruckmarch up some steep hills. Practice a martial art. Become tactically proficient. Work to destroy your addictions to petty vices. Every day you don't take a step forward to becoming a stronger, better man, you aren't stagnating, you're degenerating, as time is moving forward without you. Since we have such a limited time on Earth, should one not strive to be the greatest he can be, physically, mentally, and socially?


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