The Terrorizing of Tucker Carlson

November 11, 2018


If vandalism of Tucker Carlson's home and intimidation of his wife left you surprised, angry, or fearful, you're behind the game.


Antifa always have been, and will continue to be, a domestic terrorist organization, just like the anarchists of the 1910's and the Weather Underground in the 1970's. They have dedicated themselves to opposing "fascism" by any means necessary, and they have defined everyone who believes in a system of government as de facto fascists. Cops are fascist. Borders are fascist. Being white is racist, and being male is sexist. They withhold on more extreme violence while the risks appear to outweigh the benefits, but this is a tactical restraint, not a moral one.


Cops can't be everywhere.

The talking class is busy back-pedaling. They say that Antifa's actions at Carlson's home were wrong, and criminal. But they were the ones who endorsed and encouraged it to begin with, suggesting that people cannot be civil with Republicans, and that they and their family should be harassed. Meanwhile, they blame Trump for right-wing violence, despite him never saying anything comparable.


SJWs Always Project.


This attack on Carlson's home -- or something equivalent -- was inevitable. And it's only going to get worse.


Carlson is only news because he is the news. Antifa and Black Lives Matter have variously been performing similar attacks for years now, only their victims were -- until now -- not celebrities. Moreover, their most effective attacks have been entirely legal, getting people fired from their jobs and ostracized from their friends and family without breaking any laws. That kind of damage is incalculably greater than a broken front door.


Consider the case of Jack Murphy, a Jewish democrat and a charter-school educator who was put on leave after Antifa decided to go after him for merely associating with Trump supporters.


No one is immune. The question is whether or not you are prepared.


Being prepared means being antifragile. It means having friends and employers who know you and trust you more than they trust the words of anonymous instigators and activists. It means being open with your family, and preparing them too, because they can be targeted for the crime of relation, and then have the international press portray your family's attackers as the true victims.


Being prepared means anticipating the possibility of harassment, attacks, even violence. It means preparing, not running.


If your worldview does not account for what's happening, it's time to consider reevaluating things. Because when push comes to shove, there is no safety in holding the majority's opinion. There is no protection in explaining how you were just doing what everyone else was doing, how you couldn't have possibly known, and how you didn't do anything wrong.


Herds and moral tribes don't care about such things. The only security comes from facing reality and getting ready.


If you aren't ready now, get started. The hour is getting late.



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