Is Leftism a Disease?

July 22, 2018


Curt do you think that leftism is simply a mental illness or is there an actual reason why people adopt such an unreasonable belief system?


I think it's a pre-cognitive genetic (evolutionary) strategy that some people have evolved just as conservatism is a genetic (evolutionary) strategy that others have evolved. And I think the difference is caused by the female reproductive strategy that favors women and the lower classes, and male reproductive strategy that favors males and the middle/upper classes. And this is confirmed pretty simply by the reproductive attractiveness of conservatives and liberals. Conservatives tend to be more reproductively desirable, and have greater agency. These are genetic markers.


My view is that we were speciating regionally by race when we discovered metalworking. My view is that we are wealthy enough to speciate by need for commons - and that's what we are in the process of doing. And that the mistake is to think that our interests are better served by the production of compromise commons versus specialized commons that suit our reproductive strategies.


All peoples are better served by the production of specialized commons. And we can (finally) afford to produce them.


And that is what we see across the world.


We need to speciate.


WOLVES(conservatives) Packs, and SHEEP(liberals) Herd.


Revolt, Separate, Prosper, Speciate.




(Used with permission)

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