Veteran's Day

November 12, 2017


Good things are wanted by many. Lands, money, goods, even people, are all targets of competitive desire, and the human willingness to take, or to destroy out of spite, has necessitated a mirroring willingness to defend what is good that we possess.


In this landscape of competition, the military and its servicemen step forward to protect what is ours. Everything good that we hope to protect, we owe at least in part to our soldiers.


Perhaps more importantly, we owe gratitude to the courageous, self-sacrificial spirit of the warrior. We all know that situations can and do arise which threaten our property, our loved ones, or ourselves, in which no one else can help in time. By training and by example, our soldiers help give ordinary citizens the courage, the skills, and the will to act when the time is needed.


In emulation and appreciation, the Cascade Legion offers its gratitude to our veterans. Thank you for keeping us safe, and for guiding us in becoming better versions of ourselves.

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