Cascade Legion Workout Program

August 23, 2017


Anyone who has visited our site should have seen this excerpt from our core philosophy:


"A legion, dedicated to strength and order. We believe this comes from within, and can then be projected outward into the political society we live in. We know that a people will inevitably receive the governance it deserves, and so the forces of chaos must not be appeased or ignored, but confronted."


What hope can we possibly have on improving our society if we cannot improve ourselves? Our members must be fit for combat, not only so that we can protect speakers, journalists, event attendees, bystanders, and ourselves from totalitarian thugs and domestic terrorists, but so that we can trust each other, and trust our own motives. Wanting a society that values order, beauty, strength, and life is itself a natural byproduct of embodying those things in ourselves.


The confidence necessary to stay calm and cool under strain, and to deescalate, rather than escalate, also follows from a strong body. Above all else, this may be the most important skill a Legionnaire will be expected to master.


A workout does not need to be expensive. It does not have to happen at a gym. It does not need to happen everyday. But in order to be a reliable and functional Legionnaire--to be a functional man--it has to happen.


The following is a basic workout program, which will be the core of the Cascade Legion Fitness Regiment. It is not exclusive, and does not preclude other activities, such as power-lifting, martial arts, rock-climbing, or running. For those not already in the habit, this is your starting point.


The Cascade Legion Program


Equipment: 1 sledgehammer


For $20, the sledgehammer is the perfect warrior training tool. It can be used as a sledgehammer is often used in fitness training. It can be used in place of barbellskettle bells, and maces. It dynamically strengthens grip in a way that ordinary iron exercises do not, and does so through functional body movements.



1. Barbarian squats - B

2. Gravediggers - B

3. 360s - B

4. Rebel Presses - B

5. Ballistic Curls - B

6. Bent-over rows - C


Unweighted Exercises:

1. Push-ups

    a. Normal - C

    b. Wide-grip - C

    c. Diamond - B

    d. Clapping - A

2. Burpees - C

3. Hindu Squats - C

4. Wind Sprints - A


The listed exercises are not exhaustive, but will be sufficient to start. Choose 5 of the exercises, 2 from each list. Exercises listed as "A" are low-rep, "B" are medium, and "C" are high. Combine these exercises into a sequence, and then perform the sequence three times, with no more than 30 seconds rest between each exercise and no more than 2 minutes rest between each sequence. This should take no more than 30 minutes in total.






15 x Barbarian squats

25 x Wide-grip push-ups

15 x 360s

15 x Gravediggers

5 x Wind Sprints (50y)


90 second rest


Repeat x 3




Choose 4 days out of the week to run through a sequence such as this.


Feel free to add reps, add new exercises, buy a heavier hammer, and add distance to your sprints, or even add more exercises as your fitness improves. Perhaps you may find a superior (and more expensive) workout strategy altogether. 


However you modify your work out, plan it out in advance. Add or modify exercises and decide on your sequencing before you set out. Don't lower your standards in mid-sequence: never change your program with a hammer in your hand.


Voluns Pugnare.

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