The Cascade Legion Symbol

August 15, 2017


What is the Cascade Legion symbol?


Friends and foes alike at the recent rally in Seattle asked and speculated about the meaning and origin of our design. Some guessed it was some kind of ancient Nordic tribal rune. Others thought it to be a variation of the black sun.


Neither of these are the case.


Mostly, it is simple, unique, and it looks pretty cool. But yes, there is some symbology layered into its construction.


The design is an expansion upon the work of Jack Donovan, a contemporary local, who explains the conflict bindrune in the center of our logo:


The conflict bindrune is essentially an inverted peace sign, used to illustrate this point. It is a synthesis of contemporary and ancient symbols that results in a new symbol that captures a basic human truth about men and life that is too easily forgotten in this age of safety and comfort facilitated by wealth and technology.


The conflict bindrune was designed to visually convey this truth:


“Life is Conflict. Peace is Death.”


Jack Donovan is expressly apolitical, and designed the rune as a distillation of the source of masculine virtues: conflict.


The surrounding circle of Haglaz runes conveys the separating force of hail. Like conflict, hail is both a symbolic source of life and death:


Hail strikes

The ears of barley

Death of one

Life of another


Finally, the circle itself embodies the surrounding, protective role we as an organization hope to fulfill: protect the perimeter.


In summation, it is a runic pattern that represents the sustenance and protection of life through preparation for conflict.


Everyone is familiar with the doctrine of mutually assured destruction, which kept us safe through the cold war. While progressives and the mathematically illiterate may dismiss the game theory behind the implementation of this policy in the 20th century, the strategy of peace through mutual deterrence is as old as humanity. Older, in fact. Kipling wrote of the perils of the Dane-Geld before the First World War, and Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. related the origins of Common Law itself in the blood-price, a fee incurred by murder, designed to prevent blood-feuds between families.


Our symbol is nordic in aesthetic, but Western, Civilizational, and American in its essential nature. Freedom comes from the protection of law, and so we seek to aid in the preservation of law to pursue freedom.


Freedom is protected by self-discipline;

Civilization arises from the willingness to be barbarians;

Life comes through preparation for conflict.

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