Combat Readiness

August 9, 2017


As members of a warre band, ready to fight, members of the Cascade Legion are expected to be prepared for the possibility of conflict. The enemies of our values have demonstrated a proclivity towards violence that has in many instances either evaded or been ignored by contemporary law-enforcement agencies, and so preparing to claim our legal rights to freedom of inquiry and expression--and to protect those of others--can carry a physical burden as well.


Since our mission is the shouldering of this burden, members must each be doing their part to prepare themselves physically. If you do not make a habit of preparing yourself for this purpose, you cannot be a member.


Before initiating, Legionaries will be expected to be able to perform a respectable number of push-ups, sit-ups, and squats, and be able to run a full mile without stopping.


These are not the extent of our expectations, but the minimum threshold. The Cascade Legion is not just a physical defense against the forces of anarchy, degeneration, and weakness, but a culture built to foster their opposites in our members: discipline, generation, and strength.


We strongly recommend Paul Waggener's Gladiator program if you don't know where to begin ($5). If you do know where to begin, but haven't started yet, then start--immediately--both for the success of the group and for your own success. Contemporary research is replete with findings demonstrating the link between physical fitness and motivation, mental health, and general well-being, and plenty of anecdotes from high-octane business professionals show a link between training and success in other areas of life. There's every reason in the world to begin training, and no reason in the world not to, except that until today, no one has expected it of you.


If you are associated with the Cascade Legion, those days are gone.


Whether you're planning on initiating or an inside member already; whether you're politically right or left of center, an a-political fence-sitter (we'll see how long that lasts), get your ass to the gym and get sweating. Everyone in your life and your community will benefit from your exertions, and in the coming months and years, we may all need each other more than ever.



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