Volens Pugnare

June 29, 2017

Many months ago, we were shocked to see what was happening to Trump supporters, free speech expressers, conservatives, and law enforcement. The violence, the ignorance, the disgusting display of anarchy… there was no way we were going to lay down and let Antifa bring terror to innocent people with no resistance. There was no way we were going to let Antifa think they were acting on part of the working-class citizens they tried to convince people they were representing. 


Our first outing was to observe Milo giving a speech at the University of Washington. There, we saw all we needed to see to know that we had to keep going, and that the Legion would not be merely a momentary meme club. That night, we saw bricks thrown by Antifa at Milo supporters who were waiting to get into the speech. We had glass ornaments filled with paint thrown at us – I have yet to clean that proudly-earned blue paint off my jacket. We were yelled at. Screamed at.

It was amazing. None of us were intimidated in the slightest, but more dumbfounded that we were witnessing what we saw on TV and the internet first hand.


After that night our membership increased exponentially and we began forming our long time alliances with other groups as well.


We started to train, teach each other skills, learn public laws pertaining to us and our mission, and ultimately grow as people.


Rally after rally, we showed up.


After all that work, Its Going recognized us. I won’t lie it’s almost like getting a badge of honor. They described The Cascade Legion as, “a recent group based in Seattle, WA. An overtly fascist/nationalist group. Some ex-military, Odinists, and meme warriors. Willing to fight.”

And despite not knowing too much about us, and falsely labeling us something exclusive like fascist/nationalists, it was a pretty fair overview of us as a whole.


Cat is out of the bag. Yes many are ex-military, yes there are Odinists, yes there are meme warriors. Our coalition is large and across a spectrum, you know like the way Antifa sees gender.

We came together and formed for a mission: protect the rights of FREE speech.


While we are not full of Trump supporters by any stretch of the imagination, we saw the problem and are taking a stand. The fight and defense of the right should and will continue in this country.

We aren’t exclusive fascists or nationalists like It’s Going Down described. That contention isn’t entirely accurate.


However, one point they nailed is their highly-enjoyed statement: we are willing to fight.

The fight for free speech, and the protection of the people on the right, is something we take seriously and yet still find so much joy and fun in doing.


All I have to say is, our first public shout-out isn’t a bad one, and I am not disappointed.

In fact, that description inspired our new motto: Volens Pugnare — “willing to fight”. So we have It’s Going Down to thank for that.


The Cascade Legion will continue to do the good work. We will continue to expand our knowledge in philosophy, science, and politics. We will continue to train to be ready for violence against the right, law enforcement, and against the fabric of our Republic.


We are the warre-band.


E Pluribus Unum, Volens Pugnare.

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