Black Lives Matter: A Rioting Formation

June 29, 2017

Originally published by The Revolutionary Conservative.


“They came to slay, b*tch.”


Black Lives Matter, though typically considered to be a reactionary group that has recently risen to controversial prominence within the United States, could now easily be considered a domestic terrorist organization. This statement is met with vehement opposition by the liberal left, who claim that these minorities suffer at the hands of the majority to such an extent that they deserve formal apologies and monetary compensation from those who possess a lighter skin tone. White privilege is now perceived as a legitimate and problematic issue that has served as a catalyst for violence that is steadily increasing in severity. What was initially created to be a reactionary group that endeavors to pursue social justice and equality has now become one of violence, intimidation and domestic terrorism.


One of the most powerful incidents in which this violent nature is displayed, occurred in Baton Rouge, in July of 2016, immediately following the death of Alton Sterling. His death sparked what had previously been an extremely delicate and volatile conflict between law enforcement and African Americans, and severe consequences were to immediately follow within the next 48 hours. This is the pivotal moment in which Black Lives Matter members resorted to domestic terrorism, which included arson and damage to public and private property. This resulted in the shooting of six police officers, three of which died from traumatic wounds. These events are heavily motivated by the radicalized propaganda of Black Lives Matter, which is especially seen through social media, like Twitter.


This escalated to a climax in one of the most powerful incidents of this nature, when 4 police officers were killed and 11 others were injured by African Americans in Dallas, Texas, due to increasingly concerning civil unrest. This was primarily triggered by the numerous deaths of several African Americans, particularly of Michael Brown, Eric Garner and Alton Sterling. What they refuse to acknowledge, however, is that all of the above individuals possessed a criminal record. While this is no way justifies their deaths, this does bring to light another issue: the allegedly innocent nature of the individuals in question. All that is emphasized is the fact that they were killed, but it doesn’t seem to be an acceptable act of inquiry to ask why exactly the individuals were engaged within an altercation with Law enforcement personnel in the first place.

Black Lives Matters’ intentional disregard of the personal records of those involved within altercations with police officers are demonstrated through their reverence for Alton Sterling, who possessed a criminal record, which included being a registered sex offender, charges of battery and assault, and burglary, and this would rationalize the officer’s cautious approach towards him(this does not, of course, justify his death). Likewise, Michael Brown allegedly possessed charges of theft, although his criminal records were not officially released, which is, in itself, inherently suspicious and draws questions. Korryn Gaines is another example of an individual who has become a martyr for BLM that has a suspicious history with law enforcement. Visual evidence indicates her immediate aggression towards officers when merely requested to present an official license, and this foreshadowed a tragedy in which she forced law enforcement to exercise lethal force after pulling a gun on them and threatening to shoot. This not only resulted in her death, but in her child being injured as well, due to her refusal to put them out of harm’s way, and instead using them as human shield. She could also be heard encouraging her children to react violently and aggressively towards law enforcement, if they attempted to evacuate them out of the proximity. Black Lives Matter propaganda was a blatant influence within Gaines’ actions- she verbally insisted that Law Enforcement would have to kill her, and that she would have to be taken away in a body bag, while reaffirming this statement to her children. It is clear that she considered this cause, however superfluous, obnoxious, and dangerous, to be worth dying for.


Shining a light on other tragedies, one could observe the shooting that occurred within Tulsa, Oklahoma. Terence Clutcher was fatally shot on Friday, September 16th, 2016. After a call reporting a car sitting in the middle of the road, and a man behaving erratically, an officer en route to a domestic violence call intervened upon witnessing Clutcher behaving suspiciously. Allegedly, after refusing to cooperate with her commands, he walked towards the vehicle and turned towards the door, at which point he was simultaneously tasered and shot by two separate officers. Multiple factors must be taken into account here: 1) the officers must assume the potentiality of the suspect being in possession of a firearm. 2) it is probable in this case that the suspect was under the influence of an illegal substance. 3) it is entirely possible that the individual could have proven himself a danger to the general welfare of those within his vicinity. With these three points in consideration, it must also be stated that this does not warrant the death of the suspect, and his murder could easily be considered a negligence of authority. As a result, the officer in question was arrested and tried for murder. Irrespective of the determination of this action as negligent or not, what is significant within this incident is Black Lives’ Matters’ response- one of violence, intimidation, and domestic terrorism. Multiple visual recordings have demonstrated incidents of great astonishment and horror. In one incident, a Caucasian couple was brutally attacked by a large number of African Americans, who then attempted to throw them into a fire. Only by immediate intervention by law enforcement, were the couple saved. Numerous incidents resulting in the deaths of both officers and African Americans are steadily increasing, at an alarming rate.


The multiple incidents discussed here are more than enough to portray BLM under a frighteningly accurate light, and expose their counterproductive actions for what they are- explicit domestic terrorism, violence, and intimidation, under the guise of a group of determined vigilantes who have taken justice into their own hands. These actions do not assist the African American community in preserving peace, but rather act as a catalyst within an extremely volatile, disharmonious relationship between Law Enforcement and African Americans. Violence cannot be retaliated with violence in this way, and Black Lives’ Matter has become more concerned with this retaliation, than with racial justice and equality. Divisive organizations such as this should be discouraged, in order to create a new, harmonious balance between communities and the law enforcement sworn in to protect and serve them.


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