The Etiquette of ZuckerBook

June 20, 2017

I got low-grade zucked in the fall-out of an ill-conceived Facebook banter session with a lefty. (I merely had my post marked for 'not following community standards.' You tell me if it's wrong to tell a high-strung woman that she hasn't had a good boning in a while... I'm just saying, it was true.)


I've thought a lot about the exchange, and I realized that the rules of the game have changed. There are no reasonable etiquette or decorum for bickering on Facebook anymore. It used to be that you could get into a meaningless mutual triggering with someone, cattily comment at each other for a while, and move on with your life. You might scour their Facebook page for some scandalous information (if you're a woman, especially, because we are horrible like that) but you never take it off the platform.


This woman googled me, and found pictures of me and shared them back to me, as well as googling my husband to try to catch him out too.


It is worth mentioning that this was a friend of a Legionnaire. Be careful whom you keep close.


I stand by everything I say, online and in person, but it is clear to me that it's no longer safe to start dialogue of any kind with the enemy. This concerns me, because it means we have no option but to isolate ourselves further and further from the opposition. I don't want to live in an echo chamber, but I don't want people testing the strength of my online privacy protections either.


Mostly, I just think it's fucking rude.


When they say we are in a low-grade war, believe them. We are.


If you're still holding on to some lefty friends, it's time to axe them.


Everyone is a liability. Hold onto those you trust, and them only.


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