On Punching, Right or Otherwise

June 12, 2017

As we classical Americans gain traction in the ongoing war with communists and anarchists, it may appear tempting to "cuck" from time to time.

Whatever you may have been told, cucking has a rather specific definition in the modern political dialogue. It means, essentially, to cater to the terms and rules laid out by your opposition at the expense of your allies and friends, in order to appear respectable in the eyes of your enemies.


The Oathkeepers took this to a new level in Houston on Saturday, putting an Alt-Right protester in a headlock and attempt to physically remove him, ostensibly for offensive speech. He was eventually marched out of the rally by a band of Oathkeepers singing 'hey hey hey, good bye.' Ordinary cucks emulate only the sentiments and sentences of their enemies, not their tactics too.


We do not throw the word cuck around lightly. The greater question, however, is not what sort of slurs are most appropriate for this or that group, but what the the civic vision and strategies for achieving that vision are.


The Cascade Legion's goal are, and always have been, the preservation of public order and the rule of law so that discussions and dialogue can continue. This dialogue often occurs at public speaking events; such events where left-wing totalitarians and domestic terrorists have been attempting to violently disrupt our ability to speak.


What, then, is the strategic goal and vision of the Oathkeepers?


We do not ask this to condemn the Oathkeepers and other right-of-center groups who wish to maintain a certain respectable image. We understand the importance of perception, and sympathize with the fears that you might be associated with people with whom you otherwise disagree.


Rather, we wish to remind the Oathkeepers and others that the one thing binding us all together against Antifa is the preservation of the Freedom of Speech. The Alt-Right protester assaulted and removed from the Sam Houston event did not initiate violence, did not break any law, and was otherwise perfectly in the right, regardless of what anyone may think of his views.


If other right-wing groups attending these rallies behave as the Oathkeepers did, they are not merely undermining the purpose of these events. They are corroding our solidarity against Antifa while aping their affect. And they are, to whatever small degree, undermining American principals, and the liberal conceptions of freedom of thought, inquiry, and expression that are the life-blood of our American Republic.


Assaulting and physically removing someone with whom you disagree is the tactic of the enemies of law and order. It is the same tactic which can (and will) be used against you if you find yourself outnumbered. The communists and anarchists tend not to be as kind in their removal of dissenters.


The Freedom of Speech is not reserved specifically for those with whom we already agree. It is especially for those with whom society radically disagrees. If Slavoj Zizek, or Vladimir Putin, or even Mahmoud Ahmadinejad were invited speakers at a rally of some kind, it is especially for these people that this principal of freedom was designed. All of these people may have something interesting to say, something true to say, or something which confirms our own position or opposition.


If this is not persuasive, then we wish to remind the Oathkeepers and all Trump-supporters that a substantial percentage of the country already sees you as fascists and Nazis and racists. They see you as "extremists." Whether you live up to the name you are called is irrelevant. We at the Cascade Legion have already been falsely labeled as "fascists," and in the same post, 3%ers and Oathkeepers are referred to as "allies to fascists" for the crime of "continuing their role in assisting cops."


Don't throw away your country for the approval of those who hate you. The Alt Right may be disagreeable, even deplorable, but they do not throw firecrackers, urine, or bricks at people who disagree with them. The Cascade Legion strongly encourages the Oathkeepers to reconsider their vision and mission, and to realign their priorities. The success of our opposition to the Totalitarian Left is dependent upon solidarity and unity across a broad spectrum of beliefs and values, and caving in to the attraction of "respectability" by kicking out erstwhile allies is a losing strategy.


In short, don't be a cuck.


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