The Red-Pill Diaries (Part One)

May 23, 2017

I remember it like it was yesterday.


The U.S. Elections were going on, strong and fast. The fear, the pride, the hate, and patriotism, all creating the perfect divide of our once semi-neutral culture. It was the late part of Obama’s 2nd term that pushed me far to the right.


A couple nights before Trump won, I was sitting at a bar, late at night, drinking a Moscow Mule with a shot of bourbon on the side. There was a lot of fear and animosity besieging my comfort and peace of mind. There wasn’t much I could do besides hope and pray.


There I was, in a bar that was silently divided, for none of the leftists had any idea that the quiet man in a suit sitting up at the bar was contemplating what he should do if Trump were to lose.


Being a normie Republican and/or cuckservative used to be no big deal. Leftists didn’t care as much whether W. was in office or Obama. When Trump took office, that’s when the shitlibs lost their minds.


Will I choose to stand against the radicalized communists and anarchists known as Antifa? Or will I pretend that the left and right aren’t racing each other to install an authoritarian government? Will I pretend morals, traditions, decency, and culture aren’t being destroyed by leftist ideology? What problems have the Republicans, Conservatives, Liberals and Democrats solved lately?


I joined The Cascade Legion in late 2016 but I didn’t participate until early 2017 when I realized what was actually happening, not only in America but around the world. I already had Nationalist, right-wing and authoritarian views. I wanted to participate in a political solution before the problem known as Antifa gets worse.


So off I went, to travel with Right-wing political activists I didn’t know to my first rally with strong will, anticipation, and my principals. The risk I took was worth it. Thanks to all those who showed, Antifa was forced to behave themselves.


After that first rally, I will do whatever I can for The Legion, because I learned I am on the correct side of politics. How do I know?


I know because Antifa yelled profanities during a prayer for fallen soldiers, knowing their widows were present.


They destroyed American flags.


The list goes on.


I know, with certainty and without any doubt, that I am with the right organization. All the members of The Cascade Legion, from the red-pilled fashy goyim to the based Republicans and Conservatives and the Libertarians, everyone is disciplined, respectful, intellectual and classy, in and out of public.


Everyone I have met through The Legion has demonstrated that we are everything right and true in American culture.


Years from now, after all is said and done, I will tell everyone what I have seen. Our scars from this war will fade and just like every time before, when we see Old Glory waving in the sky, our eyes will be bright and wet against the light.


Join The Cascade Legion and defend The Right today. America needs us.

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