Politics of the Cascade Legion

April 18, 2017


Word is spreading about the Cascade Legion.


In a few short months, we are being recognized, by friends and foes alike. Our conflict bindrune emblem is catching attention, and more and more people are joining our network, as loose affiliates or as fully-fledged members.


Already, the smears too are beginning.


At last Saturday's event, an individual unaffiliated with the Cascade Legion was seen interacting with us, and rumors alleging a one-time association between this individual and an organization labeled as "white supremacist" mean that we're now potentially "white supremacist" too. Guilt-by-association tactics are cheap, but they are to be expected.


The denial game is not one that anyone should play, because it associates you with the claim, making you look guilty, and no one believes a denial anyway. Guilty and innocent alike deny their charges. The confident let the evidence speak for itself. Therefore, our answer to most allegations of "fascism," "sexism," "racism," and "Nazism" will be a smirk, a shrug, or silence.


However, for those few who are interested enough in the truth to see clearly, and to read objectively, but are still confused, here is your answer:


As an organization, the Cascade Legion has never made any statements on race, sex, nationality, or religion. The full extent of our shared political beliefs is this: we are of the political right, and believe first and foremost in law, order, and freedom of expression. Our raison d'être is to preserve these three things, and to protect those who are being attacked for their desire to hear or to speak words that terrorist organizations like Antifa and BlackLivesMatter would silence with violence. Our members are politically, ethnically, and culturally diverse, but that does not matter to us. If it matters to others, that is their business. 


The Cascade Legion is not, has never been, and will never be, a White Supremacist organization. Beyond law, order, and freedom of expression, the personal beliefs of individual members is of no interest to our organization. They are private matters; as private as what goes on behind their bedroom doors at night.


By extension of these three principles, we are on the side of law-enforcement, the constitution, the peaceful transfer of power, and the protection of individual speech. The Cascade Legion understands that the First Amendment is as much for the right of the listener to hear as it is about the right of the speaker to be heard. Both subjects are under literal attack by people who will lamely conflate throwing bricks and explosives with constitutionally protected dissenting speech. These two are not equivalent, yet the right of expressing political positions outside of the prevailing zeitgeist of perceived decency are shut down as "hateful," while black bloc mobs are given free reign on campuses like Berkeley to intimidate, assault, and hospitalize those whose opinions they themselves hate.


So long as there is a believable threat to citizens attempting to follow their civic conscience, and who come under fire for attending the wrong events no matter what their own personal beliefs are; so long as law enforcement agents are prevented from ably doing the job they have been trained for, by politicians and bureaucrats, the Cascade Legion will rise to the occasion. We will take the slings and arrows of outrageous hyperbole, and stand fast regardless of the lies and slander. A healthy Republic demands protection for its constituent members. If the state is unwilling or unable to fulfill this obligation, than the Cascade Legion will do our best to do the job.


It is a purpose too important to be scared from by the whisper of a lie.

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