March 4th Trump Rally

March 5, 2017



The Trump Rally in Heritage Park, Olympia went excellently.


For starters, four Black Bloc members (perhaps Antifa, perhaps communists) were arrested after picking a fight with the law enforcement presence. The more this happens, the better for democratic participation.


Video of the poorly-planned altercation can be found here.


Between 200-300 people total showed up, about 80% being pro-Trump, and 20% forming the anti-Trump side. Not all were masked, but a surprisingly high percentage were.


The Cascade Legion met up with AntiCom and Alt-Right Cascadia members for a total of just under two dozen members. The blue tape lines across our backs got a few questions, and a honk from a Jeep sporting a similar thin blue line across the rear window. Thanks to the professionalism of the police force, no altercations between Cascade Legion members and the Black Bloc was necessary.


We will continue to work on bolstering our numbers and planning strategically and tactically for future events, based upon Antifa/Black Bloc tactics and the hypothetical contingency of a lesser or restrained police presence. 


A small contingent of Antifa followed us after the event. We invited them to join us for drinks, but they refused, forcing us to enjoy drinks, pool and food by ourselves.




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