What We Want

April 24, 2019

The Cascade Legion has changed.


We organized to confront terrorists in the street -- thugs who sought to intimidate and dominate with violence for political ends. In pursuit of political ends, we sought to resist these groups, and to protect others from them within the constraints of the law. We did this because we saw politics as a means to certain ends: a civic life characterized by order, discipline, beauty, strength, quality, and freedom.


In organizing for this purpose, we discovered that we could achieve these ends without politics. The mere act of organizing towards this lifestyle has allowed us to live in pursuit of our own ideals without dependence upon politicians and voters.


If our own success inspires others, and if this tugs at the greater world of culture and politics, so much the better. If not, it does not matter.


Our purpose is no longer to confront terrorists in the street. This was always a vicarious task, done for someone else's imagined benefit, with great risk and virtually no reward. Rather, our purpose is to become, in ever greater degrees, the sorts of people who can confront terrorists, when such confrontations are no longer vicarious and abstract in nature, but real and personal. Our belief is that such preparation deters actual confrontation, and the confidence and preparation is good for the body and for the spirit.


We believe that character is built by habits, and that anyone can choose who they are over time. We want people who are successful, strong, and controlled, because it encourages the rest of us to grow in our own power. By holding each other to a high standard, we improve each other, and we become better individuals; constituent members of a better group. We believe this is desirable not just for its benefits, but for its own sake.


We want men who share this ideal. We want men who want it for themselves enough to fight for it; to put their time, money, and heart where their values are. We want men who are willing to learn discipline, over their body and their minds. We want men who are dedicated, who are strong, who are willing to carry the burden of the standard-bearer -- of knowing that his words and actions might represent the reputation of others. Few understand the responsibility of this burden, and fewer still the honor in carrying its weight.


Our nation was not built on political activism. It began with a vision, with a set of ideals distilled into the world of objects and action, in the lives of living people. This vision -- this way -- precedes all politics. Without such a vision, politics is a game of losing your soul by increments to the demands of maintaining popularity.


The Cascade Legion is about living this vision. It is about regeneration through becoming. It is about finding strength and order within, and only then projecting that image outward.


If this vision puts a fire in your heart, we want you.




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