May 21, 2019


There are many ways that men can live. They have been farmers, and they have been traders; they have been sailors, bankers, and bureaucrats. But across all of time, no lifestyle has created more admirable and honorable men than that of the soldier.


The Cascade Legion sees warfare and the preparation for war as a source of strength, courage, discipline, competence, nobility, and beauty in men. Most of us are not professional soldiers, but we seek to emulate the virtues of war, not just for the benefit of our nation, our family, and ourselves, but because these virtues are desirable for their own sake.


The professional armies of the state are still made of warriors, and still facilitate some of the virtues of war in their soldiers. But they serve different masters than they once did -- international corporations governmental interests, meddling in faraway places, rather than the nation and the city. They have also become bloated and weak, metastasizing into bureaucracies to support their sheer size. Compared to their old form, the military of the modern state is more like a corporation in its culture and purpose.


We reject the "global community" the state and its army serves, as we reject the contempt such a loyalty shows for its own people.


We reject the easy life promised by corporate consumerism, not because it is unsustainable, but because it is undesirable.


We reject the hatred of men and masculinity that a global, corporate world requires for its notion of "peace and prosperity:" Ten billion people sitting on their couch watching TV, eating pizza. Consuming. Non-threatening. Androgynous. Irrelevant. Disgusting. But good for business.


Our purpose is to create a culture for ourselves that fosters these warrior virtues -- strength, order, and discipline -- and demands them of us. We are a religion of the sword, at war with indulgence, laziness, and weakness... not so that we can take what others have -- a symptom of decadence and greed -- but so that none may be tempted to take what is ours, and so that we may wake up in the morning and go to bed at night with pride in the lives we have lived.


And if this vision and its virtues are desirable to others, who emulate our methods in their own pursuit of happiness, the more pride and glory for ourselves.




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