The Cascade Legion



The Legion

Bellum omnium contra omnes. Warre, of "all against all," is the state of nature without order. Small bands and tribes, fighting for resources and territory; honor societies in which offenses demand seven-fold vengeance, and blood-feuds escalate into total chaos.

Today, order is waning. Chaos is growing. Academia gets more money, and does not teach. The media speaks to more people, and does not tell the truth. Democratic activists use witch-hunts and mob-violence to instill fear in political opponents. The state grows more expansive, and does not maintain order. It is from and against this chaos that the Cascade Legion has formed.

We are a warre-band. A legion, dedicated to strength and order. We believe this comes from within, and can then be projected outward into the political society we live in. We know that a people will inevitably receive the governance it deserves, and so the forces of chaos must not be appeased or ignored, but confronted.

- We are with the warre band -